Whilst reading Music at Oxford University, my love of writing developed into a passion for academic research and evolved into an exploration of the arts and humanities. My work ranges from discussions of eroticism in the music of Richard Wagner, and the origins of 13th century motets, to 'Problematising Feminism in Contemporary Western Popular Music' (the focus of my undergraduate dissertation.)


My writing has often been published on the online music magazine 'What's The Scene,' as well as in The Oxford Culture Review (including articles with content extending beyond the world of musical academia) . I also edit and contribute to Gigabite Music (see below): a music publication specialising in reviews of live music and interviews with musicians of all genres.

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I created Gigabite Music in 2016 as a space to explore, critique and promote live music. The publication is committed to honest, thought-provoking reviews of live performances and interviews with the artists.

The vision is: (1) to generate positive exposure for up-and-coming musicians; and (2) to bring classical music into the foreground of today's popular music scene. By discussing music of all genres in one forum, we hope to help break down the barriers between classical and non-classical music, and demonstrate how enriching all genres - from Bowie to Bach - can be to the modern day music fan.  

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Mob: +44 7876 147 762

Mob: +44 7876 147 762

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