My specialisms as an artist are focused particularly in pastel and graphite work, but I constantly explore other mediums and adore learning new techniques. I am regularly commissioned for a wide range of services, from exhibitions to portraits.

I particularly enjoy cross-arts collaborations, and frequently immerse myself in research and extensive reading into contextual references for exhibitions. The subjects of such projects have included the life and symphonic works of Gustav Mahler, Oehlenschläger’s verse drama ‘Aladdin,’ and the work of poet Wendell Berry, as well as fundraising causes such as The Voices Foundation and local wildlife conservation projects in Attersee, Austria. I have been employed as Artist in Residence for a range of organisations, including Orchestra for the Earth, The Seraphin Project, and my current position at The Quill Project, (Pembroke College, Oxford). To view my work, please explore the galleries below. All art on display is available for purchase as both prints and originals. To make an order or commission request, please send me a message

The content and visual style of the websites I conceptualise are just as broad in range. From members of the British Army to world-renowned specialists in Alexander Technique, I craft each site to complement and adhere to the specific requirements and personality of the client. I ensure that all copy content is edited and formatted to perfection, and retain the highest standards of visual craftsmanship, detail and precision.


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“I am amazed by Ellie’s skill and completely thrilled with her work. I would urge anyone to contact her; she is truly a unique talent. The piece she did for me was beautiful - it was not only exquisitely detailed but also managed to really create a sense of character within the portrait.”​


—  Cecily Rebecca, Student



For all art and web design commission enquiries, or to make a purchase, please send me a message.