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This was a special one. Introducing the Heroine Series: four original pieces created and inspired by the music of The 52s  to celebrate their headline gig at Hotvox, London (28.07.21) and, crucially, Women's Aid - the amazing cause that’s brought us all together.

Last year the 52s released their stunning charity single ‘Heroine’, written and sung in isolation by @olidinwoodie and @vexx31, a social worker and doctor who have both spent a huge amount of time helping victims of domestic abuse.

The Heroine art series follows this incredible precedent set by the band, aiming to raise both awareness and funds to fight a devastating world experienced by so many, especially during the pandemic. Each piece is named after a 52s lyric, and seeks to capture an aspect of the world that Women's Aid and similar support networks observe and strive to help on a daily basis: feelings of vulnerability and isolation, of being as inconsequential as smoke…the list is endless. For so many of us art is the highest form of hope, and we intend for this series and the magical upcoming gig to be no exception.

All original pieces are available to buy, and 75% of the proceeds will be donated to Women's Aid. Just send me a message to make a purchase!

Alternative, non-financial ways you can also help include sharing, reposting and streaming ‘Heroine’ on Spotify!

Please enjoy, keep reaching out and take care,

Ellie & The 52s gang x

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