Nature has always been a profound source of inspiration for composers, so a threat to the Earth is a threat to music. Lasting solutions to climate change and our relationship with our planet must come from all walks of life, and it is music’s turn to make a difference—to give back. OFE unites some of the finest young professional musicians and contemporary composers, committed to protecting the world their generation will inherit and using music to inspire others to do the same.

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"OFE believes that classical music must join the movement to protect the natural world."
- John Warner, OFE Founder & Conductor


If you would like to order a print from the Orchestra for the Earth Artwork Series, please fill out the form below.

Each print is priced at £50, and approximately A4 size. A percentage of all proceeds will go towards important local conservation projects in the three Alpine towns in Italy and Austria where Mahler kept composing huts throughout his life.

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